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This page is a collection of reviews and recommendations related to Down syndrome. That is, services, products and more that we recommend to parents of people with Down syndrome or to individuals with Down syndrome

This is a labor of love. Most of us reviewing the products, services, toys, etc. are parents who have learned what works through trial and error. We want to pass the baton by making it a little easier for the next generation of parents, so that rather than having to go through all the searching, questioning and sussing out that we did, you have something to springboard from.

We hope they are helpful – please be aware that this site does use affiliate links – which means that if you purchase something using the links in our posts, a portion of profit (at no cost to you) will go towards maintaining this site. It helps keep us going! Thanks

Reviews and Recommendations Related to Down syndrome

Reviews and Recommendations Related to Down syndrome

All of these reviews and recommendations are from people voicing their opinions – we’d love to hear yours!

If you are a parent of an individual with Down syndrome, a person with Down syndrome, or a professional working with individuals with Down syndrome, we’d love to hear your reviews and recommendations related to Down syndrome!

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If you are a representative of a company hoping to gain reviews from within the Down syndrome community, please also contact us at the email address above – we can connect you with reviewers for your products.