How to Do This

The goal of A Day in the Life with Down syndrome is to share slices of lives that are lived with Down syndrome.

There are 4 main sections: Videos, Blog Posts, Instagram and Testimonials.


We are @lifewithDs on Instagram. If you add the hashtag #lifewithDs to your photo on Instagram, it will show up in our slideshow here.

Select photos are re-grammed on Facebook.

Hashtagging your photos #lifewithDs is the easiest way to participate in this project.

Blog Posts

Send us the complete text of your blog post, with photos – Word format is preferred but not necessary. You can write it out on Note or pretty much any application. Large photos (1500×500 or larger) that are watermarked are also preferred as they show up much better on the site. So, in a nutshell, what we need from you to create an awesome blog post for you:

  1. Your post, exactly as you want it. A Word doc file is good, or just plain text.
  2. The title of your post
  3. Your name
  4. The photo that you want featured
  5. If you want photos in your post, please make sure you add them to the Word doc, or make it clear where you want them if you attach them to the email separately
  6. Any links that you’d like to share in addition to the post – social media, blog, site, etc.

The contact form is below to get started with it. You can also email us your post:


Have a video or part of a video to share? Awesome! Upload it to YouTube and send us the embed code and a photo to go with the post. We’ll put it right up.


These are exclusively by people with Down syndrome. Please share a paragraph or so about your life – what you enjoy, what your life is like, please share something that you would like the world to know. Include a photo of yourself, your name and age if you can and send it to: – or through the comment form below.

Thank you!


A Day in the Life with Down syndrome:

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