About This Project

Trisomy 21  – more typically known as “Down syndrome”, after the John Langdon Down, the man who first identified it – is one of the most common chromosomal expressions. It is simply 3 copies of the 21st chromosome.

Despite Down syndrome being a very common chromosomal expression – around 1 in every 700 births would have it – it remains largely misunderstood. There is a tremendous amount of prejudice regarding Down syndrome and stereotypes abound.

With eugenics and the growing ability to eradicate the presence of individuals with Down syndrome in the world, it feels imperative to fight the misinformation with information. Those of us who are allies to people with Down syndrome want the world to know what lives that are lived with Down syndrome are actually about.

The goal of this site is simple: to celebrate and share those slices of lives that are lived with Down syndrome. There are photos, videos, blog posts and “testimonials” by people with and without Down syndrome. There is also the thread of Moxie, my own daughter who has Down syndrome, and the ongoing blog-pieces of her life.

I hope you will share your own posts and photos. I hope you will share this site and the stories and help spread the message of what an actual Day in the Life with Down syndrome is like.

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