A Day in the Life with Izzy

Hi! I’m Izzy or “Iz” as I call myself! I’m two years old.

Most days I hang out with my mom while my sisters are at school.

Here are my top ten favorite things:

1. Unhealthy food. I love pizza, chips, bacon, ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.229

2. Music. Some of my favorite songs are “Happy” and “Wheels on the Bus”.

3. Coloring. I like this SO much that I’ve been known to color on myself, the walls and the carpet. Markers are my favorite.


4. My sisters. I adore them. I want to do anything that they do.


5. The Park. I could play there all day and especially love the slide.

6. Performing. I am a true actress. I make expressions on command and have already had my first modeling gig.


7. Doggies. I love to pet every dog I meet.


8. Swimming. I enjoy blowing bubbles in the water and am fearless.

9. Helping. I bring mom her shoes when it’s time to leave and am always ready to help with the laundry or cleaning.

10. Hugs and kisses. Showing my family I love them makes me so happy!









Meriah is the deaf, single mom of 3 kids (one gifted 2E, one with Down syndrome). A longtime career counselor, teacher and disability advocate, she loves helping to create community and empower parents, people with disabilities (and of course, parents with disabilities).

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