A Day in the Life – And What a Day!

coffee shopI love this #LifeWithDs concept, the Day in the Life idea. I love that it gives folks a chance to see the real day-to-day, the normalization of what life is like for our families. Sooooo, it may be poor form to share this day, April 8th, 2015, but as I opened my computer, I knew…this is the day:

Today we got up just as the sun did.

In fact, between the time Marcus got out of bed (slowly, as we are not “morning people”) and made his way downstairs to brush his teeth, get dressed and whatnot, the sun had peered over the horizon enough for the day to break and Marcus called out the window – “It’s too early to be day out!” Still, the sun kept rising anyway and we dressed and readied ourselves.

I called down to remind Marcus to take his Thyroid medicine, he called back, “It’s Wednesday.” (In doing so, reminding me that he doesn’t take his medicine on Wednesday.) So with cheese stick and bottled water for breakfast in hand, we headed out.

We arrived at the North High School theater auditorium just before the advanced drama and special education classes combined upon the stage. They formed a big circle to stretch and shake it out before beginning rehearsal. Marcus and I each took a seat in the auditorium, you know, mid-center where the writer sits. The students were scattered across the stage in groups learning lines and practicing blocking.

We moved up closer for the run through.

Marcus took it all in stride, but I was squirming with delight. I loved to hear and see the students reading out the script that Marcus wrote.

This crazy fun play came from his storytelling brain, and here they were acting it out before us. Serious. I can’t wait ‘til next month when they will perform this show for their families and other students.

Then, we went to breakfast where I pulled out my computer and began the registration for Marcus to audition as a fashion model for the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Fashion show. From there we had to stop at the bank, then run a few other errands, including a stop at the UPS store. See, we are sending a certified check today to the printer of Marcus’ book, Black Day: The Monster Rock Band. We don’t want any delays.

This brings us to now, where we are sitting in the coffee shop (as writers do). Marcus is drawing characters for his next book while I jot this down as we wait for out meeting with the animator of Black Day. Marcus and friends have already done all the voice-over for the story, so now Noah is working to bring everything to life.

Whew! It’s barely after noon and what a Day in the Life!

Still today, Marcus has a list of chores to do at home, he’s hoping for some time to himself, and then tonight he’s off to book club.

What did you do today?

If you want to know more about Marcus and his adventures, hop on over to Grown Ups and Downs. 🙂


Meriah is the deaf, single mom of 3 kids (one gifted 2E, one with Down syndrome). A longtime career counselor, teacher and disability advocate, she loves helping to create community and empower parents, people with disabilities (and of course, parents with disabilities).

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