A Dog & Her Boy

Kyle and his dog Cookie
Kyle and his dog Cookie
Kyle and his dog Cookie

We rescued a beautiful older sheltie with a gentle disposition. When we went to meet her, we all instantly clicked with her. When Kyle saw her, he started signing “Cookie” and the name stuck. We are the family that was always waiting for this dog–a match made in heaven.

The one thing we have had to work on with Kyle is not giving Cookie hugs. You can’t really blame him, as she looks like a big furry pillow to him. We have worked to teach him “gentle pets” and “no hugs.” He is learning very well, and now Cookie sits patiently while Kyle showers his attention on her. I captured some of this on video. I hope you will enjoy watching our happy ending.

If you like the video, please share! (https://youtu.be/nVs0JCqz8PY) Sharing is great way to show the potential of kids with Down syndrome, just in time for World Down Syndrome Day. Thank you!

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